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George Telegraph is one of the pioneers of Industrial Training in India. Established on May 16, 1920, it is a registered trust, dedicated to the cause of developing India's huge demographic dividend into a world-beating advantage and in producing absolutely employable youths.

The vision of the organisation was to help solve the huge unemployment problem then, and in producing top class, trained youths over the decades, it has achieved quite the same.

The dedication and focus of the path-breakers made George Telegraph a nationally admired Centre of Excellence soon after its establishment, with acknowledgements coming in from the British Army, the British Railway Board, Ministry of Communications, Government of India's Department of Labour, Government of India's Railway Board, National Maritime authorities and various Chambers of Commerce.

Today, George Telegraph offers a most comprehensive range of training programmes in the fields of electronics engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, commercial practice, communicative studies and computer software through a large network of centres in Eastern India.

It is one of only three organisations in India to function as an Examination Centre for Proficiency, First and Second Class, COP/ROGC/REG/RT(R)/RITM(Maritime) conducted by the Ministry of Communications, Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. It has been selected by Department of Labour, Government of India, as a Civil-Military training centre.

George Telegraph was recognised by the Railway Board, New Delhi, as a training centre for Railway Employees in Wireless Telegraphy.

It was also recognised by the Regional Directorate of Resettlement and Employment, Ministry of Labour, Government of India.

The George Telegraph Training Institute, the parent organization of the group, is a registered trust and ISO 9001:2008 certified Institute dedicated to Human Resource Development.

It offers a comprehensive range of courses in the fields of Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Information Technology and Commercial & Communicative Studies through a network of more than 50 centres.

As a part of its global expansion plan the Institute has opened its first centre across the border in Myanmar. Rapid economic development in Myanmar since 2011 has created a huge demand for skilled manpower in the country. To fulfill this demand George Telegraph Global Institute (Myanmar) has been formed to impart quality vocational training to the youth of Myanmar by making them employable and establish them in their life as proud technicians of the country.

THE GEORGE TELEGRAPH TRAINING INSTITUTE (GTTI) has all along been dedicated in 'Building Careers' for the nation's youth by imparting vocational training at affordable cost. There are more than 50 vocational courses covered by the GTTI. From its one training centre in Sealdah, Kolkata, started in 1920, it has expanded to more than 50 centres across the eastern and north eastern states of India imparting training to more than 20,000 students in a year.